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HI.RO is a young company born
from the thirty years experience of the
Members founders.

The heart of our company, present in the market since 1974, is based on an experience that has allowed us to become a reliable and recognized reference point in the industry over the years. In 2011 HI.RO was born, merging this background with a dynamic, young and flexible organizational approach, and it is growing up both at an organizational and a productive level.

Every day the approach to work is seen as a challenge to new innovative and performing solutions that involves an internal team and external collaborators characterized by high competence, in continuous growth and training. The flexibility of our structure allows us to manage highly complex projects and to create high quality systems and products proposed on the market at the lowest possible cost.


Our company guarantees the quality of the products and the service offered, a complete service from design to
assembly of the parts ready to be assembled in the customer's production lines.
The experience gained over the years has allowed us to develop different types of environmental intervention, such as:




Modular protection barriers;



Panels, mechanical works and casings for the roofing of plants;



Outdoor acoustic barriers that, in addition to road use, are effectively used to limit the acoustic discomfort suffered by residential areas adjacent to factories or production plants;


Acoustic protections for every type of noise source;



Industrial insulation for the protection and thermal insulation of refrigeration systems.



Custom Protections for industrial plants;



In 2015 our Company chose to implement a Quality Management System
according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard in order to achieve the following objectives:


guarantee the quality of the products and services provided, through the control of processes and the use of specific documented working procedures;



invest in training and retraining of personnel, custodian of the true know-how and the wealth of company knowledge;


develop and consolidate with suppliers a purchasing policy based on collaboration, trust and knowledge exchange;


prevent, reduce and/or eliminate non-conformities;


achieve results based on objective measurements, relative to the performance and effectiveness of the processes;


implement every effort for continuous improvement of processes and products, in line with the demands of the market and its customers, periodically checking the adequacy of the defined control measures.

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