HiRo was born out of the founders’ thirty years of experience.

Our company, which has been on the market since 1974, stands on a bedrock of experience that has made us one of the industry’s most reliable, renowned leaders. In 2011 the establishment of Hi.Ro merged this experience with a dynamic, young, flexible organisation that is now growing fast at both structural and manufacturing level.

Every day, we take up the challenge of developing new, innovative, high-performance solutions: that challenge involves both an internal team and external partners, all highly qualified, all focused on gaining further professional skills through training. Flexible organisation ensures we’re able to manage highly complex projects and build high-quality systems and products at the lowest possible cost.

The HiRo team offers consultancy and design services and performs production, painting and final assembly

of sheet metal products and beyond: it does so by taking full advantage of technologically advanced, latest-generation machining systems and facilities.


Our company guarantees the quality of all its goods and services, which span from design to installation of ready-to-assemble parts on the customer's production lines.
Extensive experience has allowed us to develop various types of protection solutions, such as:


Modular safety barriers;


Plant screening panels, mechanical works and hoods; 


Outdoor soundproofing barriers. In addition to providing roadside solutions, these are also effective in limiting the impact of noise in residential areas located near factories or other industrial facilities;


Soundproofing solutions for all sources of noise;


Insulation solutions to protect and thermally insulate industrial refrigeration systems; 


Customised Safety Barriers for industrial plants.

Quality certification

In 2015 our Company decided to implement a Quality Management System
in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 in order to achieve the following goals::

a )

to guarantee the quality of the goods and services provided through meticulous control of processes and the use of carefully documented procedures;

b )

to invest in the training/retraining of personnel, the true custodians of the company’s know-how;

c )

to work with suppliers to develop and strengthen a purchasing policy based on teamwork, trust and an exchange of knowledge;

d )

to prevent, reduce and/or eliminate non-conformities;

e )

to achieve results based on objective measurements of performance and process effectiveness;

f )

to ensure continuous process and product improvements in keeping with the demands of both markets and customers via periodic assessment of the adequacy of the defined control measures.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015